Fitness for introverts

Introverts have unique needs and preferences that only a fellow introvert can truly understand. For years I struggled with recurring injuries, frustrating illnesses and debilitating exhaustion. Maybe you have experienced this yourself and fallen off the exercise bandwagon or never fully climbed on to experience all the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 

There are so many systems out there and the truth is the best fitness program for you is the one you stick with. But if your program completely ignores your unique biological and psychological profile, you will find it next to impossible to exercise regularly and stay consistent with your diet. Instead, you will experience setbacks and frustration.


As I discovered through research, developed by personal trial & error, and then fine-tuned with my clients, once you follow a program synced to your specific needs as an introvert the process becomes enjoyable, rewarding and ultimately successful.

You can be fit & healthy and find genuine joy & satisfaction in every step of the journey. Let me be your guide.

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Step out of the shadows

Not only are introverts outnumbered in the general population, we are also significantly under-represented in the fitness and life coaching industries. Bellowing boot camp instructors and shrieking motivational speakers take centre stage, appealing to the masses but leaving the quiet minority in the cold.

Step out of the shadows with me and claim your right to health, fitness and true fulfilment. As a card-carrying introvert, certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and Positive Psychology practitioner with over three decades of experience, I am perfectly placed to design a personalised fitness and nutrition program for you.

Get to know me better and read my personal story in the About section.

More than just physical

A major benefit of online training is that you have the power to choose the trainer who suits you best. In addition to awareness of your unique physical requirements as an introvert, my approach to coaching emphasises empathy, understanding and sensitivity. I take a close personal interest in each of my clients and will be there to guide and support you every step of the way. My specialties are time-efficient workouts, habit-based nutrition and practical, actionable lifestyle adjustments. I want you to succeed and flourish in every area of your life.

The Introvert Fitness coaching process starts with a comprehensive questionnaire and one-to-one consultation. From here, I create your personalised fitness, nutrition and lifestyle plan (the part of the process that lights me up); which is delivered to you in your own private portal via the Coach Catalyst platform  - accessible on either the web or MyCoach app. The animated video shows an example exercise demonstration from within your account.

For more information on the Introvert Fitness coaching process, consult the FAQ's.



Since starting in the health and fitness industry in 1988, I have been privileged to share in the internal and external transformation of many lives. Here are the personal accounts of some of these experiences.

& FUN”

“As a former professional sports person I highly recommend Vaughn due to his knowledge and professionalism, along with being a great guy. Not only did he whip me into the best shape I have been in for many years, he made it upbeat and fun with a great variety of exercises.  ”



“Every interaction with Vaughn leaves you feeling better than he found you... I am certain he doesn't realise that he possesses this quality. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to feel well, body and soul.”



"I am not new to working out but Vaughn has been able to push me to do more and be more efficient with my workouts. There are lessons on foods and how they affect our bodies that he sends me as well and this is just the push that I needed to see the results I want."



“Vaughn knows how to push you without making you feel insecure. He always has a positive mindset and is amazing to work with.”