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My birth name is Vaughn, my title is Dr. Guenter and I have become known online as the Introvert Fitness Coach (though most of the time I am called either Dad or Darling). I live on idyllic Tamborine Mountain in Queensland, Australia with my wife, Elizabeth, and our three young sons and countless pets.


Fitness has been a constant in my life and I have integrated a lifetime of knowledge and experience in that field (along with proper nutrition) into my recent obsession with Positive PSychology to create a seamless and effective approach to help you flourish in every area of life.


As an introvert, I have a special insight into the needs of the quiet many. It would be my privilege to provide you with a personalised program designed to elevate your health, fitness and overall well-being that takes into account your unique biology and psychology.

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Qualifications & Achievements

Two of my proudest accomplishments are a National bodybuilding title and a Doctorate.

The physique photo shows me after winning the New Zealand NABBA Athletic Bodybuilding title in 1998. While competitive bodybuilding isn't something I would recommend to anyone (it's not healthy from any perspective), I learnt a lot through the process and am proud of what I achieved.

The main lessons I learnt were how to modulate my energy and recovery ability in harmony with my unique physiological and psychological attributes as an introvert. My life was transformed once I was able to harness my inner resources in the way that I am now able to pass onto others.


Around the same period, I also acquired a PhD in Philosophy with a unique thesis titled Bodybuilding As Muscular Art. In the health and fitness field, I am a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach with over three decades of experience. Complementing these fields, is my recent successful completion of training as a Positive Psychology Master Coach. The scientific application of congruent goal setting, developing personal strengths and lasting habit formation is a perfect adjunct to the other modalities.

I am approved by the International Institiute For Complementary Therapies (IICT) as a Personal Trainer, Health & Nutrition Coach and Positive Psychology practitioner.

My Introvert Journey

This photo was taken when I was five years old. At the time, I was the only European kid living in a Native American community in British Columbia, Canada. It was during this period that I learned to enjoy my own company and become almost totally self-reliant.

Fast forward almost half a century through the awkward teen years, self-discovery at university, painful integration into the workforce, marriage, divorce, happy second marriage, fatherhood, the loss of a child and the joy of watching my children grow into wonderful humans, and here I am...an unapologetic introvert with a heart to help others of a similar nature.

With age has come self-awareness and confidence. I used to view my introversion as a handicap but now realise that whatever I have achieved in life has been because of my nature not in spite of it.

Whether you are struggling to find your place in the world or flourishing secure in your own skin, there is a comprehensive collection of all things introvert in the Introvert Fitness Blog.

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