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Introvert Fitness Founding Clients Offer - 50% off!

Abe Lincoln famously said that if he was given six hours to cut down a tree, he would spend the first four sharpening his axe. Applied to my new fitness and nutrition coaching service for introverts, I surely have a razor-sharp axe at this point, poised to cut the ribbon and declare it OPEN.

Enrolments will officially open in 2022 and I have a special offer - 50% off for your first two months. I will be capping membership during this initial period so I can really focus on each individual and provide the best possible experience for you. For more information on the membership service, consult the FAQ's below.


Why am I making this offer?

  • While the axe is sharp, it could always be sharper (the classic introvert perfectionist streak at play!) so I will be continually adding resources available exclusively to Members and streamlining the online coaching process as required.

  • I want some awesome testimonials for my website. How's that for introvert frankness?! While I have trained people for over thirty years in the gym environment, this is the first time I have trained clients online and focussed exclusively on the introvert population.

  • It brings me joy to give you a good deal (that's the INFJ in me - if you're not sure what that means yet do a Google search for Myers-Briggs personality types).

Sign up below to get on the list to be one of the Founding Members. I will send you notification when we are live and enrolments will be on a first come, first served basis. 

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