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'The World's Greatest Stretch' Is Even Better For Introverts

If you do just one pre-exercise stretch this is the ultimate option - especially for introverts.

No matter if the headline makes no sense (much like the oft-used exhortation to give 110% effort) - it's not a stretch anyway. That's right... 'The World's Greatest Stretch' is acually a mobility drill (technically you could call it a series of active stretches but that's splitting hairs). If you're after a time-efficient way to prepare yourself for exercise you don't have time for semantics. You just want to know why you should do it and then how. Here goes:


As explained in the foundational post Fitness Training For Introverts - What You Need To Know, introverts tend to have tight flexor muscles (i.e. front delts, pecs, hip flexors, hamstrings, biceps and abs). We also need to avoid excessively long warm-ups to avoid depleting our energy and willpower before the main event. 'The World's Greatest Stretch' mobilises exactly these muscles in an elegant three-part sequence. While you still need to first raise your core temperature with 3-5 minutes of light exercise such as rowing, walking, cycling, etc it will have you primed for action quicker than you can say Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Check out my video demonstration debut - maybe not the world's absolute greatest demo but I did give 110%!!!

Depending on how loose you feel after you complete the sequence on both sides, you may need to go trhough the cycle 3-5 times until you feel ready start your workout. Unless you have a specific injury/mobility issue there's no need to do anything more. After all, anything else is a step down from 'The World's Greatest'.

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